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The Vial of Life program is sponsored by the Greene County EMS and supported by the Old Salem Fire Rescue. This program is designed mainly for use of Emergency Medical Personnel.  If you or your family are unable to tell the EMTs your medical problems, the EMTs will have all your medical information in order to better treat you during your emergency.  To implement the program follow these 4 steps:

1.     Pick up a vial at Greene County EMS Office located at 2070 S. Main Street or at Old Salem Fire Rescue at 4720 Carey Station Road, Greensboro, GA 30642

2.     Fill out the enclosed form and place in vial

3.     Place vial of life sticker on main entry door of your home.

4.     The vial then will go into your refrigerator on the top shelf of the door. Please do not vary location of vial in refrigerator. Placement should be universal for all that are participating in this program.