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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2019

Attendance:   Jeff Harden, Harry Herrmann, Bill Kelly, Joann McDade, Garry Evans and Rick Sramek.  Dave Vickery excused absent.


Call to Order:  Jeff Harden, President, called the meeting to order at 5:00 pm.  


April 9, 2019 Meeting Minutes:    The minutes of the May 21nd meeting were submitted to board members electronically for review.  Jeff Harden asked for any additions or corrections.  Garry Evans motioned to approve the minutes as submitted and was seconded by Harry Herrmann.  The motion was approved unanimously. The minutes were approved as written.


Treasurers Report:  Harry Herrmann reviewed the current budget and stated $17K was spent on the generator installation.  Jay Harrison stated that income from Gold Cross Ambulance is $1350 per month. 


Chief’s Report:  Chief Harrison stated that there were 56 calls for May with call volume trending up.  He stated that higher than average medical calls had occurred including calls to The Glen. He stated that Engines 91 and 92 are now in service. Engine 901 is now in reserve.  Chief Harrison stated that the generator is now fully operational.  He stated that driveway repaving should be complete with one week. 


Public Budget Hearing:  Treasurer Harry Herrmann presented the proposed budget to the public.  The board discussed the history of the millage rate increase for fire protection in 2017 to fund build out of Station 92 and staffing of the new station and the decrease in millage rate for FY 2019.  The board explained that the request for the millage rate increase for FY 2020 is to maintain staffing and to provide for raises to the firefighters to remain competitive in the area.  Members of the public including Debbie Spann, Heather L. Kennerson, Norm Agran, Geri Riegel, Stan Warner and Weyman Culp addressed the board with questions concerning the proposed budget.  Issues discussed were new truck purchases and loans, staffing and salaries, truck sales, use of SPLOST funds and financial information no longer being posted on the department website.  County Commissioner Ernie Felice and County Manager Byron Lombard were present and discussed the plan to develop a county wide fire department and the plan to take over the management of the Old Salem department. 

A second budget public hearing was held on June 13th as required by department by-laws.  Vice- president Dave Vickery presided over the meeting and board members Bill Kelly, Rick Sramek and Harry Herrmann were present.  Ernie Felice and Byron Lombard were also present. The same discussion that occurred on June 11th was repeated on June 13th. 

Meeting Adjourned:  Having no further issues before the Board, the meeting was adjourned by Jeff Harden, President, at 6:16 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

William Kelly, Secretary