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Old Salem Fire Rescue, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

August 14, 2018

Attendance:   Jeff Harden, Dave Vickery, Jack Horn, Bill Kelly, Joann McDade and Garry Evans.  Jack Elder was excused absent. 

Call to Order:  Jeff Harden, President, called the meeting to order at 5:02pm.  Jeff stated that he had met with Commissioner Ernie Felice and that the budget for Old Salem had not yet been approved.  Status of the Ritz Carlton tax issue is still unresolved.  Jeff stated that the period for filing absentee ballots is 8/1 to 9/15.  The election will take place in October with three on the ballot.  Jack Horn and Garry Evans are running for re-election.  Jack Elder has elected not to run again.  Richard Sramek has filed to run for the board as a new member. 

July 10, 2018 Meeting Minutes:    The minutes of the July 10 meeting were submitted to board members electronically for review.  Jeff Harden asked for any additions or corrections.  Dave Vickery motioned to approve the minutes as submitted and was seconded by Jack Horn.  Dave Vickery, Jack Horn, Bill Kelly, Jeff Harden, Joann McDade and Garry Evans voted to approve. None opposed. The minutes were approved as written.

Treasurers Report:  Jack Horn provided the current and YTD financial report and highlighted key expenditures.  Jay Harrison stated that $68k had been submitted for SPLOST reimbursal.  Jeff Harden stated he had met with County Commission to discuss budget.  He has obtained Putnam County payroll information.  Chief Harrison stated that they are requesting Morgan County payroll information as well. 

Chief’s Report:  Chief Harrison stated that calls were 40 for July.  He stated that the Sergeant exams had been completed and he was in process of hiring an Assistant Chief.  He stated that three had applied for the position and he would like two board members to assist in the interview process.  After discussion, Dave Vickery and Garry Evans agreed to assist in this process. 

Chief Harrison reported that in response to the Morgan / Putnam County fatality in July, he has scheduled a class on Open Water Rescue.  To date, 16 firefighters have signed up for the course at a cost of $350 each.  The firefighters who enroll agree to stay with the department for 6 months or they will have to reimburse the course cost.  Dave Vickery moved to approve the course expense with firefighters signing enrollment agreement.  Garry Evans seconded.  The motion was approved unanimously. 

Chief Harrison further reported that the water heater in Station 91 was replaced at a cost of $1300.  He stated that the impact test for the new ladder truck is scheduled for 8/22 and radio certification is also scheduled.  He expects the ladder truck to be ready to roll this month.  He stated that state audit would occur after 9/1.

Public Comment:  No one signed in to address the board. 

Executive Session:  At 5:47, Jeff Harden moved to go into executive session to address a personnel matter.  Bill Kelly seconded.  The executive session was adjourned with no action taken. 

Meeting Adjourned:  Having no further issues before the Board, the meeting was adjourned by Jeff Harden, President, at 6:02 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

William Kelly, Secretary