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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

February 13, 2018

Attendance:   Buddy Watts, Jeff Harden, Jack Horn, Bill Kelly, Jack Elder, Dave Vickery, and Joann McDade, present. 

Call to Order:  Buddy Watts, President, called the meeting to order at 5:00pm.  Buddy announced that he would resign his office as president at the March 13th meeting.  He stated that his home is on the market and that he had purchased a home in Austin, TX. 

January 9, 2018 Meeting Minutes:    The minutes of the January 9th meeting were summarized by Bill Kelly at the meeting.  Dave Vickery motioned to approve the minutes and was seconded by Jeff Harden.  Buddy Watts, Jack Horn, Joann McDade, Bill Kelly, Jeff Harden, Jack Elder and Dave Vickery, voted to approve. None opposed. The minutes were approved as written.

Treasurers Report:  Jack Horn provided the current financial report and highlighted key expenditures and discussed the revenue to date.  He stated that final costs would be close to $203K for the Station 92 build-out.  Jack stated that early indications are that payroll expenses are higher for the year and may exceed budget.  Chief Harrison explained the differences between Government and Non-Government fire departments and the necessity to limit work to 36 hour weeks so overtime pay is not required.  A lengthy discussion on payroll issues and the increased staffing for two stations occurred. 

Chief’s Report:  Chief Harrison stated that calls for December were 62 total and remain up.  The majority of the calls were medical, alarms and ice accidents.   Chief Harrison provided a copy of the OSFR Chain of Command and discussed staffing revisions in light of the opening of Station 92 in March.  Currently one Captain and the Deputy Chief positions are open.  Chief Harrison discussed the build out of Station 92 which is nearly complete.  He stated the sewer hookup issue has been resolved and Piedmont is scheduled to complete the work within days.  Other delays were an unexpected “air tightness test” required by the new County inspector.  The contractor has installed a French drain to solve a drainage issue on the driveway next to the new addition.  Reynold has agreed to repave the driveway in front of the station.  Station open date should be March 1st.

Chief Harrison discussed the need to use SPLOST and non-SPLOST funds for some maintenance items.  He stated that 10 new sets of turnout gear would be purchased in 2018 in addition to the 10 purchased in 2017.  The retrofit of the Rescue unit will cost $6000 and SPLOST funds can be used.  Non-SPLOST funding items include the following.  Station 91 doors are not up to Code and the chief has found a contractor who will upgrade the doors for a cost of $4300 and will maintain them for an annual contract of $1500 with 5-6 inspection visits per year.  The current air compressor used to refill airpacks is not fully compatible with current equipment.  The Chief stated that the current compressor can be repaired for $10K or replaced for $36K (including a $5K credit for previous work).  The Chief also stated the Engine 901 has been out for repair again at a cost of $8000 but the work was not successful.  Cummins specialist has been brought in to assess and assist with the repair.  Buddy pointed out that the Excelsior contract rental should be increased if they bring additional vehicles to be on site during the day. 

After further brief discussion, Dave Vickery moved to approve the purchase of the new air compressor.  Jeff Harden seconded.  The motion to approve this funding was approved unanimously. 

Discussion and consideration of Employee Health Insurance:   Dave Vickery reported that employee health insurance is available through Piedmont Financial.  This policy has been place for some years and has recently been reinstated.  Currently two employees are enrolled at a cost of $215/month.  The plan is Blue Cross.  Dave reported that the Cancer insurance plan has been started.

Discussion and consideration of Refinancing Station 91 Mortgage:  After brief discussion, Buddy Watts stated that he would arrange a meeting with Bank South to discuss refinance of the current loan.  Jeff Harden will also attend. 

Discussion and consideration of Increasing Insurance Coverage for Station 92:  Dave Vickery stated that Bill Kelly had worked on a cost for replacement of the building with the addition completed.  Bill stated that, after further review and in light of final construction cost, the building replacement cost should be $372K.  Dave stated that he would inform the agent of the revised value.  He stated that increase in premium would be minimal.

Discussion and consideration of Dedication Date for Station 92:  Buddy Watts stated that he would like to hold a dedication and ribbon cutting for Station 92.  After discussion, it was decided not to schedule a date until completion is assured.  (Note: Dedication and Open House was scheduled and announced for March 10, 2018).

Public Comment: No one signed in to address the Board.

Executive Session:  Buddy Watts stated that an Executive Session was needed to discuss proposed employment agreement for a full time fire chief.   Buddy Watts made a motion to go into Executive Session.  Jack Elder seconded. The Executive Session ended at 7:05 with no action taken. 

Meeting Adjourned:  Having no further issues before the Board, the meeting was adjourned by Buddy Watts, President, at 7:06 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

William Kelly, Secretary