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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 10, 2017 

Attendance:   Buddy Watts, Jeff Harden, William Kelly, Geri Riegel, Dave Vickery, Jack Horn and board selectee, Joann McDade, present.  Jack Elder, unexcused absence. 

Call to Order:  Buddy Watts, President, called the meeting to order at 5:00pm.  No one signed in to address the Board.

Buddy called for nominations for vice president.  Jack Horn nominated Jeff Harden, Dave Vickery seconded the nomination and without discussion the Board voted unanimously to approve. Buddy Watts called for nominations for Secretary.  Jack Horn nominated William Kelly, seconded by Dave Vickery and without further discussion the Board voted unanimously to approve.  As a result of the voting held the first week of October, Joann McDade, was selected as a Board Member.

President Remarks:  The Board presented Geri Riegel with a plague thanking her for her years of service as a Board Member.  Her service helped to establish a reputable Board of Directors.  Chief Harrison also thanked Geri for her service and present her with some flowers.

Buddy advised that the September 19th, BOC Meeting, approved all fire department contracts with no changes other than a new effective date.

A meeting between Buddy, Geri, and Jeff and BOC's Usry and Filice, and County Manager Lombard, concerning the Chief's take home vehicle was held on September 28th.  The vehicle concerned will be re-titled into the Chief's name.

On October 4th, Buddy, Jack and the Chief signed the check for the initial draw ($50K) to start the build-out of Station 92.  The contract was also signed by all parties.  The project is expected to take 90 days to complete.    

September 19, 2017 Meeting Minutes:    The minutes of the September 19th meeting were summarized by Jeff Harden at the meeting.  William Kelly motioned to approve the minutes and was seconded by Jack Horn.  Buddy Watts, Joann McDade, William Kelly, Jeff Harden, Jack Horn, and Dave Vickery,  voted to approve. None opposed. The minutes were approved as written.

Treasurers Report:  Jack Horn covered the budget report.  Specific noteworthy expenses for the month includes $3,715 for maintenance, $1,628 for supplies, $1,452 for office supplies, $898 for insurance and the month had three pay periods ($28,152). 

Chief’s Report:  Chief Harrison covered the report on "Fire Calls" for the month of September 2017, advising the calls continue to trend higher.  The Chief is looking to acquire three generators from the Forestry Commission, two for Old Salem and one for Station 92.  He hopes to obtain these free of charge except installation. The Chief talked about the new entrances planned for Del Web and Traditions.

Discussion and consideration of the status and update of Station 92 Build-out:  Foundation has been poured and framing is expected to start October 12.  Expected to be completed in 90 days.

Discussion and consideration of the College and Career Academy of Greene County:   Buddy advised that he had been contacted by Mike O'Neil concerning the Career Academy and asked for the Fire Departments support.  The academy will expose kids to the Fire Department.  The Board approved sending a letter to the Academy with full support of Old Salem Fire and Rescue.

Weinberger's Upcoming Fund Raiser:   The Chief and Joann were asked to work on the project.

Public Comment:  No one signed in to address the Board.

Meeting Adjourned:  Having no further issues before the Board, the meeting was adjourned by Buddy Watts, President, at 6:10 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Jeff Harden, Secretary