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Next monthly board meeting October 9th at 5:00 pm.


Tuesday October 9th, 2018

Board of Directors Meeting @ 5:00 pm


1.  Presidents Remarks

2.  Roll Call

3.  Minutes

4.  Treasurer’s Report

5.  Chief's Report

6.  Public Comment

7.  Adjournment




Old Salem Fire and Rescue announces its annual election for Board of Directors. Of the seven Board Members, three vacancies are up for election in October 2018 for a two year term.  Old Salem Fire District #9 residents may cast their ballot to elect the Board on Tuesday of October 2, 2018, between 3 pm and 7 pm and again on Thursday, October 4, 2018 between 1 pm and 4 pm.  Voting Location will be at 4720 Carey Station Road, Greensboro, Georgia. Voters must own property in the Old Salem Fire District which will be verified prior to receiving a ballot at the voting location. For additional information on voting, please refer to the OSFR By-Laws and/or OSFR Forms, located on the Old Salem Fire & Rescue Web Site.

Eligible candidates are as follows: 

Jack Horn*

Garry Evans*

Richard Sramek

*denotes incumbent



Old Salem Fire & Rescue announces its "Absentee Ballot" period.   Absentee Ballots will be allowed in voting if the property owner or designee, cannot vote in-person at the annual election.  Absentee Ballots will be accepted, reviewed, and responded to from August 1st to September 15, 2018.  Voting for the annual election will be held on the first Tuesday and again on the first Thursday in October 2018.  


The Absentee Ballot Request form includes the following:

1. Date of the annual election

2. Address of' property

3. Name and address of the owners of the property

4. Name and address of the owner’s designee

5. Signature of the owners of the property and date

6. Signature of the owner’s designee and date

7. Email address and phone of both parties

8. Copy of owner's and designee's photo ID (e.g. driver’s license)

The forms must mailed, in a sealed envelope, to 4270 Carey Station Road Greensboro, GA 30642, addressed to the "Attention of the Board Secretary". Delivery to any person at Old Salem Fire Department other than the mailed to the "Attention Board Secretary"  will void the forms. The administrative clerk will notify the Board Secretary each Thursday of the period to pick up the envelopes and verify they are complete.  If the form is incomplete, the Secretary will email or phone the parties with the reason for the rejection and ask that they submit another completed absentee form in the manner above. If the form is complete, the Secretary will email an acceptance notice to the owner and designee along with the approved voting ballot which will be numbered to correspond to their completed form. The approved voting ballot can be mailed to the above address or hand delivered during regular voting periods.   Absentee forms will be available ONLY via the Old Salem Fire and Rescue web site.

Volunteers Needed

Old Salem Fire Rescue is a combination paid/volunteer fire department that currently staffs 2 certified firefighters 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Effective and safe operations at an incident requires a sufficient number of personnel to initiate and sustain the incident operation. Old Salem Fire rescue is currently in need of operations level volunteer firefighters to supplement the two on duty firefighters. We are currently seeking certified volunteer firefighters that live within the community to join our firefighting force immediately. An operations level volunteer firefighter is responsible for responding to and mitigating various types of emergencies including: building fires, fire alarms, motor vehicle crashes, vehicle fires, ground cover fires, utility related emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, water rescue incidents and various other types of emergencies.  Please contact Old Salem Fire Rescue by phone (706 453-4693) or email for more information on joining as a Volunteer Firefighter.



Jay Harrison

Fire Chief


Recent Events

Training Burn for Firefighters

 Feb. 22-23, 2014

Old Salem Fire Rescue hosted a live fire training on February 22nd and 23rd.  This training was open for Greene County Firefighters and support firefighters.  Firefighters had the opportunity to practice Scene Size-up, Disoriented Firefighter, Search & Rescue, Fire Attack,and VES (Vent Enter Search) training. See the Photo Gallery for pictures.



4th Annual Bingo Bash

Feb 24th, 2015 at the Parkside Main 8 Theater was another successful fundraiser.  We wish to thank all our sponsors and attendees for your continuing support. 

5th Annual Bingo Bash

March 1st, 2016 at the Parkside Main 8 Theater was another night of fun for all involved with some great prizes.  We wish to thank all our sponsors and attendees for making this another success.

6th Annual Bingo Bash

This years Bingo was another big hit.  Many wonderful prizes were won by several patrons and we wish to thank all of our sponsors for their gifts this year.   The fire department appreciates all the attendees for their continued support.  We will miss Bob Welsh as he retired from the fire department and his contributions are greatly appreciated.










Contact us today in Greensboro, Georgia, to inquire about our well-known fire department.